What We Offer

Prepared for the World provides at-risk youth the resources they need to achieve success in the real world.  Our main tool is mentoring.  Prepared for the World participants receive one-on-one attention in structured environments.  During mentoring sessions participants discuss issues that are relevant in their lives.

Prepared for the World reinforces positive behaviors to help participants become functional, productive members of society.  We invite outstanding achievers and community leaders to speak and serve as mentors  to encourage participants to expect more of themselves.

We recognize that many times youth do not receive proper guidance.  It is our goal to equip disadvantaged youth with the life skills necessary to achieve the success they dream of.

Mentoring Components

Listed below are the components which comprise our mentoring program.  Prepared for the World mentors follow curricula developed specifically for each component.

Group Discussion

  • Building self esteem
  • Decision making
  • Handling peer pressure effectively
  • Current issues
  • What's important to me.

Role Models

  • Importance of role models
  • Choosing positive role models
  • Positive figures within our community
  • How can I become a role model?

Financial Fitness (now Mi££ Ti¢k€t$)

  • Creating and following a budget
  • Being Smart About Credit
  • All About Banking
  • Career Planning

Neighborhood Awareness

  • Neighborhood and city zoning
  • History
  • Who are my neighbors?
  • Neighborhood beautification

Career Planning

  • Mock interviews
  • Resume building workshops
  • Networking

Life Skills

  • Prioritizing
  • Wants vs. Needs

Planning Ahead

  • Setting goals
  • Create a 5– 10 year plan
  • Identify steps and actions necessary to accomplish goal(s)